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NO Maintanance Required
Conversions for most ALL Brands of Carts

Central Golf Cars: The Leaders in Lithium Battery Conversions
Maintenance FREE     Save over 250 Pounds     5 Year Warranty 
Available for most late Model EZ GO, Club Car, Yamaha, other brand carts

Tired of having to check and add water your standard batteries?
Tired of having to clean acid corrosion and replace cables?
Tired of having to replace bad batteries?

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, then the performance, simplicity, and life span of a Lithium Battery conversion is for you!
Central Golf Cars Lithium Battery conversions will save more than 200lbs of weight from a 48 volt cart, and require NO maintenance.
Our Lithium Conversions come with a 5 Year manufacturer warranty, 5x longer than the warranty for new standard batteries.

Conversion prices starting at only $2499.99
LESS than 2x the cost of standard battery replacement
2 Lithium Battery versions are available:
Standard Run Time 50Ah Lithium Battery with Charger, Installed: $2499.99
Extended 2X Run Time 100Ah Lithium Battery with Charger, Installed: $3199.99

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Please contact us for more information and pricing for a conversion for your specific cart.


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