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Battery Saver Battery Maintainer, 48V

Battery Saver Battery Maintainer, 48V


The Battery Saver™ Charger is a 50 watt voltage specific 48 Volt charger and maintainer for battery systems with a 48 Volt output (4x 12V or 8x 6V). The 50 watt design is powerful enough to safely and easily maintain each battery in the system! The 48 Volt Charger model design features our signature Auto-Pulse cleaning desulfation technology, micro processor control and can automatically recognize most batteries, regardless of size or type, and will switch to the correct charging setting when connected.



1x 48 Volt, 50 Watt Charger and Maintainer unit
1x 10' AC Power Cable
1x 6' Alligator Clip-on Cable
1x 2' Terminal LUG Cable
1x Mounting Bracket