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Battery Saver Battery Maintainer, 36V

Battery Saver Battery Maintainer, 36V


The  Battery Saver™ 50 Watt Charger, Maintainer & Cleaner is optimally designed to work on 36 Volt vehicle battery systems. It's state-of-the-art micro processor provides safe, fully automatic maintaining for extended periods of time. The 50 Watt design is the most powerful we offer while still being extremely compact and very easy to use.

The Pulse Cleaner will remove lead sulfate from your battery's plates while maintaining, giving you a much healthier battery for longer. It will keep your battery system fully charged and in peak condition for when you need it.


  • Quickly Charges! Perfect for Odd Voltage Battery Systems
  • Great for Long Term Maintaining of Vehicles In The Off Season!
  • PULSE Cleaning Mode Improves Battery Condition with Continued Use
  • Automatically Works with Designated Lead Acid Battery Voltages
  • No Spark Polarity Protection